Sunday, December 29, 2019

Introduction to #20in2020Dressing

A few weeks ago I talked about starting a "challenge" on Instagram. As I was setting personal goals for my self in the New Year around my wardrobe and my personal uniform an idea was forming. With a little feedback #20in2020 was born.

The idea was to build #community and #accountability around the idea of owning less.
Challenging ourselves to purchase no more the 20 wardrobe/clothing pieces in 2020. How you go about adding those items is up to you, but my hope is to focus on lower impact ways to add, like #thrifting. So what does this look like and how am I planning to organize?

Accountability check in’s monthly. I will have a post where we can check in and talk about how we are doing for that month. Gather support, and talk about successes and challenges.

Tips and Tricks to make the challenge manageable. 

Wardrobe and wear #tracking I’ll share how I track, what my #wishlists looks like and how I manage them. 

Styling videos! I’ll be adding #stylingvideos more regularly. These are a great for inspiration and I’ll be showing you more of my wardrobe and how I style and wear pieces.

And so much more! As the challenge goes on and we all grow and learn there will be so much more! Will you join me? Grab the graphic from my highlight on Instagram and share your participation. (DM me if you want the square format to add to your feed as well). Tag a friend here and let’s start purchasing with thought and intention.

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  1. I love this challenge and I'm excited to participate! Thanks so much for continuing this conversation.

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel


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